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Between Innovation and Daily Practice in the Development of AAL Systems

(Learning from the Experience with Today's Systems)

Autoren: Beul, Shirley; Klack, Lars; Kasugai, Kai; Möllering, Christian; Röcker, Carsten; Wilkowska, Wiktoria; Ziefle, Martina (Kasugai Möllering )
Erschienen in: Electronic healthcare : third international conference, eHealth 2010
Seiten: 111-118
Ort: Casablanca
Land: Marokko
Jahr: 2012
ISBN: 978-3-642-23634-1/1867-8211



In this paper we delineate and compare the functional and structural potential but also shortcomings of two Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) systems, which aim at providing remote care for elder adults living independently at home. One system, a personal emergency response system, is already in use, the other system, the Future Care Lab, presents a holistic tele-medical care setting, which is currently in its conceptualization and test phase at RWTH Aachen University. By learning from the experience with a well-established system in both, restrictions and benefits, implications for a user-centred development for future telemedical systems can be derived.