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Utilising Dynamo "Beyond" Computational Design

Autoren: Dieckmann, Andreas (Dieckmann )
Erschienen in: Revit Technology Conference Europe 2014
Ort: Dublin
Land: Irland
Jahr: 2014

Zugehörige Forschungsprojekte



Dynamo, the visual programming environment for the Revit platform, is marketed by Autodesk mainly as a computational design tool. Not interested in computational design? That doesn't mean that Dynamo is not for you because it really is so much more - a swiss army knife for automating all sorts of complex workflows as well as everyday menial tasks in Revit. This class will provide an overview of how to use Dynamo for tasks other than computational design with a special focus on model checking and related operations. More specifically, we will look at the following topics: * Creating model checking routines in Dynamo, ranging from simple office standard checks to more complex code compliance checks * Methods of visualising and exporting model check results with Dynamo * Tying model check results to actual tasks in Dynamo, i.e. fixing things based on check results The class will be taught from the perspective of an architect with a programming background but no formal education in programming. Thus it will also focus on aspects of accessibility for non-programmers such as: 1. Dynamo's modular structure and how it facilitates changing parts of a workflow or checking routine 2. Using Python and the Revit API to create missing functionality in Dynamo This class is targeted at Revit users that are interested in automating Revit but shy away from full-on programming.