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Educating the Masses

(Teaching BIM from Undergraduate to Postgraduate Level)

Autoren: Dieckmann, Andreas; Russell, Peter; Wittenberg, Björn (Dieckmann Russell )
Erschienen in: Autodesk University 2011
Ort: Las Vegas
Land: USA
Jahr: 2011

Zugehörige Forschungsprojekte



Educators in the field of CAD are faced with the dilemma of how to manage the balancing act between teaching classic CAD as well as BIM - preparing students for the present and the immediate future at the same time. In this class, we will draw on four years experience in teaching BIM theory and Autodesk® Revit® skills to undergraduates and experimenting with various teaching methods. The first part of this class will examine a variety of strategies for teaching BIM and detail common pitfalls. Accordingly, the advantages and disadvantages of block courses, regular seminars, integrated design studios, and e-learning components will be discussed, as well as the challenge of sensibly integrating the topic of parametrics into the curriculum. The second part of this class focuses on taking BIM education to the next level: postgraduate university-based BIM education. Here, the scope ranges from certificate courses for practice-oriented Revit skills to the formal postgraduate education of BIM managers.