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The Integrated Design Studio

(A View Behind The Scenes: Liquid Campus 3)

Autoren: Dietrich Elger, Andreas Dieckmann, Peter Russell, Thomas Stachelhaus (Dieckmann Russell Stachelhaus )
Erschienen in: CAADRIA 2006 (Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia)
Ort: Kumamoto
Land: Japan
Jahr: 2006


Over 10 months ending in July 2005, architecture students from Aachen, Karlsruhe and Weimar took part in a design studio that differed significantly from other studios in that the result of the studio was a 1:1 realisation of the design. This is part of an evolution of the virtual faculty of architecture “Liquid Campus”, founded in 2001, which has seen the complexity of the projects steadily rise and this continued in the Project “Ein Fest: Ein Dach”. The integrated studio is arranged to encourage an active, economic and transparent learning process, which encompasses design, communication and cooperation issues. The stated goal at the beginning of the two-semester process is to build and although only a few of the ideas are realised, all participants are involved in the realisation. In this case, the project was to create “roofs” for an open-air concert for 200,000 people in Karlsruhe, Germany. The planning was carried out using the Netzentwurf platform, with which the authors have several years experience.