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Creating Spatio-Temporal Contiguities Between Real and Virtual Rooms in an Assistive Living Environment

Autoren: Kasugai, K.; Ziefle, M.; Röcker, C. & Russell, P. (Kasugai Russell )
Erschienen in: Proceedings of Create 10 innovative interactions
Seiten: 62-67
Herausgeber: J. Bonner, M. Smyth, S. O' Neill & O. Mival
Ort: Edinburgh
Land: Großbritannien
Jahr: 2010



This paper gives an overview of how the role of architecture, design, and HCI is to be redefined in a world of ubiquitous computing and the recent advances in display technology. It describes the future care lab and our take on research in this field. We elaborate on how wall-sized displays can form an integral part of an ambient intelligence space that aims to assist the elderly and empower them to stay longer in their familiar surroundings before moving into nursing homes. We propose a classification of different concepts that virtually extend a real environment and describe some possible scenarios.