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Promise and Reality

(The Impact of the Virtual Design Studio on the Design and Learning Process in the Architectural Education)

Autoren: Rügemer, Jörg & Russell, Peter (Russell )
Erschienen in: Promise and Reality: State of the Art versus State of Practice in Computing for the Design and Planning Process (18th eCAADe Conference Proceedings)
Seiten: 41-44
Ort: Weimar
Land: Deutschland
Jahr: 2000
ISBN: 0-9523687-6-5


In step with the popular trend of including virtual working methods and tools in the process of teaching, the Virtual Design Studio (VDS) has been developed by the Institute for Industrial Building Production (ifib), at the University of Karlsruhe over the past three years. Alongside the technical aspects of such a studio, the challenge persisted to incorporate computer based tools into the architectural design and planning process with the goal of enhancing the relationship between all participants. The VDS is being further developed and refined, experiencing regular changes in its organization and teaching methods. With the establishment of the Virtual Upperrhine University of Architecture (VuuA) and the introduction of the Virtual Design Studio into the curriculum of the Institute for Architectural Presentation and CAD (adai), BTU Cottbus, the VDS extended beyond the borders of a single architectural school, aiming towards a wide acceptance and use within architectural education institutions.