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Semi-Medial Post Professional Studies "Building Conservation" for Architects and Structural Engineers

Autoren: Tisken, S., Voormann, F., Franz, B., Koch, V. and Russell, P. (Russell )
Erschienen in: Architectural Information Management (19th eCAADe Conference Proceedings)
Seiten: 323-328
Ort: Helsinkii
Land: Finnland
Jahr: 2001
ISBN: 0-9523687-8-1


The Post-Graduate studies for Building Restoration at the University of Karlsruhe is aimed at architects and construction engineers who wish to deepen their knowledge base as well as related professionals in the construction industry who wish to specialise. The goal of the project is to migrate the post graduate studies in restoration to a Master Degree program made up of physical and virtual presence requirements (dual mode university) and to transform the course materials into Learning Elements that can be used in other programs. The quality of the teaching should increase and reach a larger audience of interested parties at the same time. In particular, the program is aimed at current practitioners. A model is developed that incorporates classical presence based studies with modern internetbased learning methods to create a system, which does not completely replace presencebased learning: “semi-medial” studies.