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Net-based Architectural Design: The Difficult Path from the Presentation of Architectural Design in the World Wide Web to Teamwork in Virtual Planning Offices

(A Field Report)

Autoren: Russell, Peter & Elger, Dietrich (Russell )
Erschienen in: Architectural Information Management (19th eCAADe Conference Proceedings)
Seiten: 371-375
Ort: Helsinki
Land: Finnland
Jahr: 2001
ISBN: 0-9523687-8-1


In the last 18 months, students from the Institute for Industrial Building Production (ifib) have undertaken six design projects as so-called Netzentwurf (“Net- Design”) studios in collaboration with different universities in Europe. These studios have used a web-based collaboration platform established at an independent web site and use didactical methods for web based design collaboration established over the past four years at ifib. A total of some 500 students have been involved in these projects and all have used the common platform to carry out their presentation and communication work.