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Healer, Heal Thyself!

(Web-based Cooperation, Communication & Information in an Architecture Faculty)

Autoren: Russell, Peter, Stachelhaus, Thomas & Dieckmann, Andreas (Dieckmann Russell Stachelhaus )
Erschienen in: Construction IT - Bridging The Distance (Proceedings of the CIB-W78 Conference 2003)
Seiten: 105-112
Ort: Auckland
Land: Neuseeland
Jahr: 2003
ISBN: 87-90078-34-9

Zugehörige Forschungsprojekte


The architect’s profession has always been that of an organizer; a coordinator. In an increasingly specialized society such as ours there is an even greater demand for professionals with a wide range of management abilities. Today’s architect will have to organize and coordinate the flow, the means and the systematic storage of information in a project. For an institution that ‘produces’ architects, it is, in the opinion of the authors, vital to not only teach modern / contemporary methods of organizing information but also to practice them. If architecture students are to comprehend the necessity of organizing skills & tools, they will have to encounter these from day one of their student life. In 2002, the Faculty of Architecture of Aachen University (RWTH) reached a decision to provide all members of the faculty, teachers and students alike, with a central service for the management of information. That service, called RWTH Information Technology Assistant (RiTA) is to be a set of web-based tools for organizing and managing the curriculum and all matters connected to that. The objective of RiTA is to increase efficiency and transparency in the administration of the faculty.